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Captive Insurance

Contact: Gerald C. Yoshida / Paul B. Shimomoto

Char Hamilton Yoshida & Shimomoto is the leading provider of captive insurance legal services in Hawai’i.  The firm’s experienced attorneys have built a global network of clients and colleagues that ensure each client receives superior legal representation and personalized service.  Our attorneys represent clients in a vast array of industries, many of whom are Fortune and Global 500 companies.

The firm’s captive insurance practice handles a wide variety of related matters, including captive formations (i.e., “pure”, risk retentiongroups, and other group captives), conversions, mergers, liquidations, redomestications, coverage matters, policy drafting, and reinsurance trusts.  We also assist clients with diverse corporate transactions, corporate governance and best practice issues, and other general insurance regulatory matters to ensure that your captive insurance business complies with applicable law and regulations.  To serve the firm’s global captive insurance clients more effectively, the firm has Japanese language capabilities.

What is Captive Insurance and What are it’s Benefits?

Captive insurance is an alternative risk management technique used to establish insurance companies that will insure and/or reinsure risks of the captive’s parent, affiliates, and/or customers.

Setting up a captive insurance company comes with many benefits.  Namely, it can reduce the overall cost of an insurance program and centralize risk management.  Additionally, it can provide insurance coverage where such coverage is either cost prohibitive or unavailable in the traditional market, and captives can improve an organization’s overall cash flow.  Captives also provide access to reinsurance markets that may otherwise have been unavailable.

Whatever your situation, the experienced captive insurance attorneys at Char Hamilton Yoshida & Shimomoto are ready to meet with you, to examine the facts of your situation and determine if a captive is appropriate for your business.

Hawai’i is a Leader in Captive Insurance

Hawai’i’s captive insurance law was enacted in 1987.  Our captive insurance partner, Gerald C. Yoshida, has been instrumental in drafting captive insurance legislation in Hawai’i. Over the years, Hawai’i has become the premier captive domicile of the Pacific, measured in terms of the number of captives formed and managed, the supporting infrastructure available and premium underwritten. Many of the world’s largest and reputable companies have formed and operate their captive insurance companies in Hawai’i. Hawai’i is served by direct flights from 23 major US and 27 international destinations. Therefore, Hawai’i’s strategic and easily accessible location makes it an excellent domicile for your captive insurance company.

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