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Geoffrey Hamilton



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Geoffrey Hamilton practices family law, emphasizing divorce and child custody. Before co-founding Char Hamilton Taylor & Thom (now Char Hamilton Yoshida & Shimomoto), Mr. Hamilton was the partner and co-founder of Hamilton & Taylor (now Taylor Leong & Chee). He began his career as an associate at Chun Kerr & Dodd (now Chun Kerr Dodd Beaman & Wong). He has past experience in securities, real estate/condominium development, limited partnership, corporations, partnerships, construction litigation, and insurance defense.

*All of the Psychodynamics articles were co-authored with Thomas S. Merrill, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and, as to “Relocation Issues”, co-authored with Professor Jeffrey Atkinson of Chicago, Illinois.

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Mr. Hamilton has also written and published many articles for both mainstream and legal media.


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